Where is recycled water available?

Currently, the Napa Sanitation District provides recycled water along two main pipelines (PDF) to the southeast and north of the Soscol Water Recycling Facility. Customers include Gateway Park, Eagle Vines, Chardonnay Golf Clubs, and some District-owned properties in the southeast area. The service area north of the treatment plant includes Napa Valley Corporate Park, Kennedy Park, Napa Valley Memorial Park, Napa Municipal Golf Course, and Napa Valley College.

The District’s recent expansion efforts include constructing a recycled water pipeline through Napa State Hospital (NSH) to Skyline Park. This will reduce potable demand for landscaping irrigation at NSH by 200 acre-feet per year once their irrigation system is connected. 

Napa County has also asked the District to oversee the design of a pipeline that could carry recycled water from Skyline Park to the water-deficient Milliken-Sarco-Tulocay (MST) area. If constructed, the MST pipeline could potentially be paid for by prospective recycled water users in the area, primarily vineyards and a golf course. Additional potential future expansion includes delivering recycled water to the Carneros area and Stanly Ranch.

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