Solar Power

Due to the energy intensive nature of the wastewater treatment process, NapaSan is always looking for ways to conserve energy. In addition to conserving energy, NapaSan is always working to produce as much green energy as possible at the treatment plant to save money and protect the environment.

In 2015, NapaSan partnered with SunPower to install a 1-megawatt solar power array at the treatment plant. This state-of-the-art system captures the sun’s energy to produce up to 2.1 million kilowatt hours (kWh) annually. That is enough to run nearly 200 typical households for a full year, and this energy is used to help NapaSan power its operations. The solar array also allows NapaSan to reduce the price paid for electricity compared to power purchased from the grid.

NapaSan already produces 30-50% of its electricity by running a cogeneration engine using biogas from the wastewater treatment process. With the solar power, NapaSan’s self-generated electricity  increased to almost 60%.

Using this clean source of power reduces the use of non-renewable energy sources and cuts greenhouse gas emissions.

NapaSan is also using solar power at its largest lift station in the sewer system. These solar panels allow us to reduce the amount of electricity purchased from the power grid and utilize green energy to help power this vital part of our sewer system.   

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