Open House, Tours, Fun, and Learning at NSD

September  24, 2015

Community invited to get a closer look at treatment plant, recycled water processes  

Napa, California – What really goes on at a wastewater treatment plant? What happens to your water after it goes down the drain, or when you flush? How is recycled water made? What are biosolids and clarifiers, and how does a cogeneration engine make electricity? These and other questions will be answered at Napa Sanitation District’s Open House! The community is invited to drop in for treatment plant tours, demonstrations of large equipment, visits to the water-quality laboratory, and more. The whole family will have a fun and educational time as they experience how the District protects the public health, the Napa River, and the Bay.

Saturday, October 17, 2015
10 am - 2 pm
Napa Sanitation District
1515 Soscol Ferry Road, Napa

People who have attended past Napa Sanitation District open houses always come away amazed at the interesting and unusual technology, the sometimes “weird science” involved, the extraordinary machinery, and the many fun facts about wastewater treatment and recycled water production. Visitors also are impressed by the high level of skill and expertise of the staff in the work they do every day for the communities they serve.

The Napa Sanitation District open house will offer tours of the wastewater treatment plant every half hour, activities for kids, microscope viewing with the water quality lab, bird watching at treatment plant wetlands, demonstrations of District equipment, free refreshments, and tips on how community members can help protect water quality and the Napa River.

“It’s important for the community and the District to work together to protect our water quality, so we’re thrilled to welcome people here and show them what we do,” says Tim Healy, the District’s General Manager. “Everyone can do their part by being thoughtful about what they do or do not put down the drain.”

Visitors to the open house can also learn more about other local agencies and organizations that work to protect water quality and the Napa River. Participants include the Napa Resource Conservation District, City of Napa Water Department and Recycling Division, Napa Recycling and Waste Services and the Napa Solano Audubon Society. The Soscol Water Recycling Facility is located at 1515 Soscol Ferry Road, just south of the Highway 29 bridge over the Napa River.

The Napa Sanitation District (NSD) provides wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal services to the residents and businesses in the City of Napa, Silverado Country Club, the Napa County Airport and several adjacent unincorporated areas. NSD also provides recycled water service to portions of southern Napa County. Covering 20 square miles, NSD has been serving the community since November 1945. For further information about the District, please see