Sessions Regarding NSD's Proposed Rate Adjustment

Napa, California – The Napa Sanitation District has scheduled two public information sessions regarding the proposed sewer service charge increase.  All members of the community are welcome to attend these sessions to learn more about the proposed rate structure and the projects that would be funded by the additional rate revenue.  At each session the District will share information regarding operating budgets, cost-saving measures, and the work that has been completed since 2006.

In order to accommodate as many community members as possible, the District has scheduled two separate information sessions.

Information Session 1 

Monday, February 22nd      

6:30-7:30 pm 

Napa Boys and Girls Club

Community Room    

1515 Pueblo Avenue, Napa, CA 94558                    

Information Session 2 

Tuesday, February 23rd 


Napa Valley College 

Community Room ~ Building 1700 (Next to the Library) 

2277 Napa-Vallejo Highway, Napa, CA 94558

The sessions are strictly informational and should not be confused with the Public Hearing that will take place on Wednesday, March 16th at 6pm in the Napa Valley Unified School District Board Room at 2425 Jefferson Street.

Roughly 1/3 of the pipes in our system are over 50 years old, and as the system ages, it needs more maintenance.  This rate increase will allow the District to increase efforts to replace aging sewer pipes and complete new capital projects designed to greatly reduce the risks of sewer collapses and overflows that are harmful to public health and water quality in the Napa River.

 Specifically, there are 3 major projects that the additional rate revenue will fund:

• Renewal and replacement of roughly 3 miles of aging sewer pipes per year

• Building of an interceptor to divert flow from downtown pipes that typically overflow and could result in untreated sewage getting into storm drains and flowing to creeks or the river

•  Reducing the amount of stormwater and groundwater that get into sewer pipes through leaks and cracks.  This extra water can overwhelm the sewer system during large rain events, causing untreated sewage to escape and flow into creeks and the river, and can cause backups into homes and businesses.  

Napa Sanitation District (NSD) provides wastewater collection and treatment services to the residents and businesses in the City of Napa, Silverado Country Club, the Napa County Airport and several adjacent unincorporated areas. NSD also provides recycled water service to the MST area, Los Carneros Water District and other portions of southern Napa County. Covering 20 square miles, NSD has been serving the community since November 1945. For further information about the District, please see