Working to Replace Aging Sewer Pipes

May  09, 2017

Napa, California – NapaSan is beginning another project in its ongoing effort to replace aging sewer pipelines in order to decrease the possibility of overflows and spills. Approximately 600 sewer laterals will be repaired or replaced as part of this upcoming project. Just over 2 percent of the sewer system, which equates to roughly 5.7 miles of pipeline, will be rehabilitated to protect public and environmental health and to ensure reliable sewer service for the community.
Construction is expected to take place between May 2017 and October 2017 in five different areas chosen based upon pipeline conditions and frequency of maintenance calls. The project will be completed in phases and will vary in duration in each neighborhood. Notifications have been mailed to residents and property owners in and near the project areas, and weekly project updates will be available on NapaSan’s website at

“Our goal is to repair or replace a minimum of 2% of the system each year. NapaSan has realized that these areas have many deteriorating pipes and a higher overflow risk than other areas. Fixing almost 6 miles of pipeline in these project areas will greatly reduce the risk of overflows in heavy rain events and ensure reliable sewer service,” said Chair of the NapaSan Board, Mayor Jill Techel.

The sewer pipelines will be rehabilitated by utilizing a combination of trenchless and open-cut methods. Trenchless methods are utilized whenever possible because they minimize costs, construction time, and traffic disruptions compared to traditional open-cut trenching. The contractor will provide advanced notice to residents and businesses whose sewer services are directly affected by the work both 48 hours and directly prior to the work. “No Parking” zones and traffic control will be implemented for safety reasons, however, access to properties will be maintained at all times for local residents and emergency services.
“Now that we have doubled the amount of pipeline we are able to rehabilitate in a year, we can complete more projects to prevent sewer overflows. In the past, the replacement rate was closer to 1%, which meant projects were sometimes deferred. A rehabilitation rate of over 2% allows us to take the information gathered from our pipeline assessments, and perform maintenance where it is needed most. We will now be able to do more preventative rehabilitation, which is far less costly than emergency repairs, and allows us to continue to protect public health and the environment,” stated NapaSan General Manager Tim Healy.

NapaSan will be rehabilitating and replacing pipelines in the Broadmoor Drive/Karen Drive, Foothill Blvd/Pine Street, and South Minahen neighborhoods. The project will also include work on Rose Lane and Jomar Drive.

NapaSan provides wastewater collection and treatment services to the residents and businesses in the City of Napa, Silverado Country Club, the Napa County Airport and several adjacent unincorporated areas. NapaSan also provides recycled water service to portions of southern Napa County. Covering 20 square miles, NapaSan has been serving the community since 1945. For further information about NapaSan, please see