Sewer Line Rehabilitation Project Along Soscol Ave

August 15, 2017

As part of the ongoing effort to replace aging sewer pipelines to decrease the possibility of sewer overflows and spills, NapaSan will be rehabilitating a sewer pipeline on Eighth Street, Sousa Lane, and the stretch of Soscol between those two streets. This stretch of pipeline serves a large portion of NapaSan’s customers and conveys the majority of the dry weather flow through the sewer system. The pipeline is a large diameter (45-inch) pipe that was installed in 1968. Camera footage of the pipeline has shown significant wear, and NapaSan will perform preventative maintenance since this pipeline is a crucial section of the sewer system. In order to rehabilitate this pipeline when flow is lowest, construction is scheduled to begin the last week of August and be completed in late September.

NapaSan has awarded the construction contract to Insituform Technologies. Work will include the installation of a new manhole on Soscol between Sousa Lane and Eighth Street, cleaning of the sewer lines, and lining of the existing pipeline. NapaSan will work hard to minimize traffic impacts, including keeping all lanes of Soscol Avenue open during commute hours and performing work on weekends. The sewer pipelines will be rehabilitated by utilizing a combination of trenchless and open-cut methods. Trenchless methods are utilized whenever possible because they minimize costs, construction time, and traffic disruptions compared to traditional open-cut trenching. The trenchless (no-dig) sewer lining product will be cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) which is a jointless, pipe-within-a-pipe and will extend the life of the pipeline by 50-100 years. Work is scheduled to begin the week of August 21st and will continue in phases through late September.

Notifications have been delivered to residents and property owners in and near the project area. Message boards will be placed in the area prior to and during work to update residents about any traffic impacts and construction plans. Weekly updates for this project as well as a map of the project area will be available on our website at

NapaSan provides wastewater collection, treatment, and distribution services to the residents and businesses in the City of Napa, Silverado Country Club, the Napa County Airport and several adjacent unincorporated areas. NapaSan also provides recycled water service to portions of southern Napa County. Covering 20 square miles, NapaSan has been serving the community since November 1945. For further information, please see