NapaSan Construction Zones

NapaSan conducts a regular sewer system maintenance program. You may see us on the streets, repairing, replacing, or cleaning sewer lines or recycled water pipes. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work to keep our system operating effectively! 

Refer to the information below to find out where our current construction projects are happening. If you have any questions or concerns, please call NapaSan at (707) 258-6000. 

Browns Valley Trunk Sewer Project

Project Manager: Andrew Damron,

Project Background: The Browns Valley Trunk Project is designed to intercept wastewater from Browns Valley and Southwest Napa and divert the flow away from sewer lines that are over capacity via a new 3-mile pipeline that will deliver the wastewater to NapaSan for treatment.  For additional background information, visit our Browns Valley Trunk Project page.   

Current Construction Location:      

Final Browns Valley Trunk (BVT) Project restoration activities are not yet scheduled. Our next update will be sent when we can provide dates and locations.

2022 Collection System Rehabilitation Project

Project Manager: Karl Ono,

Project Background: NapaSan 2022 Collection System Rehabilitation Project will begin this spring.   The project is essential to reduce the amount of maintenance calls, decrease the potential for sewer overflows in the project area, and improve the operation of our sewer system.

NapaSan’s contractor, Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless Corporation, Inc., has started work and work is expected to continue through October 2022. The project area was selected due to the deteriorated condition of aging sewer pipes and the high amount of inflow and infiltration of water into the sewer system during the winter months. The majority of the sewer pipelines in the project area are between 40 and 60 years old.  Reducing infiltration into the sewer system helps to decrease the possibility of sewer overflows and stops clean rain and groundwater from flowing to NapaSan for unnecessary treatment.  

Current Construction Location:      

During the week of June 27:  Lateral rehabilitation will take place on miscellaneous streets throughout the project area.  

During the week of July 4:  Sewer mainline rehabilitation will be performed on Meadowlark Dr., Meadowlark Ct., and Kaywoodie St. 

Sewer cleanout installations and lateral rehabilitation will also occur on Claret St., Kiess Barn Pl., Las Flores Dr., and Maher St.

During the week of July 11:  Sewer mainline rehabilitation will be performed on Summerfield Dr., Moffitt Dr., Mosswood Dr., and Sandalwood St.

Sewer cleanout installations and lateral rehabilitation will also occur Fairfax Dr., Ortez Ct., Maher St., and Linda Vista Ave (between Trower Ave., and Lloyd Dr.).

Summer 2022 ProjectArea_BoardMap3