Water Quality Laboratory

Wastewater Quality

In order to protect public health and the Napa River, NapaSan is required to meet stringent water quality regulations. At our treatment plant, we operate a water quality laboratory that constantly monitors the wastewater as it undergoes treatment and after treatment is complete. The NapaSan laboratory also uses commercial laboratories with high tech equipment that perform analyses capable of detecting some pollutants down to parts per trillion.


The lab conducts over 26,000 tests each year to identify a variety of wastewater constituents, including conventional pollutants, metals, toxic organic compounds, and pathogens.

Water Quality Lab


Toxic Contamination Prevention

The Soscol Water Recycling Facility is designed to remove solids (grit, rags, plastic) and organic materials (paper, food particles, human waste). Many toxic materials are not removed by the wastewater treatment process and are capable of disrupting the treatment process. To protect the wastewater treatment plant and ultimately the river, NapaSan’s Pollution Prevention Program works closely with businesses and the community to prevent toxics from entering the collection system in the first place.