NSD Construction Zones

The District conducts a regular sewer system maintenance program. You may see us on the streets, repairing, replacing or cleaning sewer lines or recycled water pipes. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work to keep our system operating effectively!

Refer to the information below to find out where our current construction projects are happening. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the District at (707) 258-6000.

2017 Collection System Rehabilitation Project

Project Manager: Matt Lemmon


NapaSan has awarded the construction contract to K.J. Woods Construction to rehabilitate and replace aging pipelines in the Broadmoor Drive/Karen Drive, Foothill Blvd/Laurel Street, and South Minahen neighborhoods. The project will also include work on Rose Lane, Legion Avenue, and Jomar Drive. The general project areas are shown on the Project Map. The project will rehabilitate or replace over 2 percent of the sewer system which equates to roughly 5.7 miles of pipeline and 600 sewer laterals.  
Construction is expected to take place between May 2017 and October 2017 for the project as a whole, but different neighborhoods will be impacted at different times. Notifications have been mailed to residents in and near the project areas, and weekly project updates will be available on this webpage. 


The sewer pipelines will be rehabilitated by utilizing a combination of trenchless and open cut methods. Trenchless methods are utilized whenever possible because they minimize costs, construction time, and traffic disruptions compared to traditional open cut trenching.  The contractor will provide notice to residents and businesses whose sewer services are directly affected by the work both 48 hours and directly prior to the work. “No Parking” zones and traffic control will be implemented for safety reasons, however, access to properties will be maintained at all times for local residents and emergency services.  


Napa Sanitation District will make every effort to minimize the disruption caused by these construction activities.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Napa Sanitation District at (707) 258-6000.


Current Construction Location:

During the week of January 22, 2018, manhole rehabilitation and paving work will take place at various locations within the project areas on the map below.


CIP 17708 Project Map


MST Recycled Water Expansion Project


Project Manager: Andrew Damron


NapaSan has awarded the construction contract to TerraCon Constructors to construct the MST Recycled Water Expansion Project on Coombsville Road between Terrace Drive and Second Avenue.  The project consists of 1.4 miles of 8-inch and 18-inch pipeline in the westbound lane of Coombsville Road.  Construction will occur between June 9th and September 30th, 2017.  In order to minimize impacts to the public, the project has been scheduled to complete work in the vicinities of Silverado Middle School and Mount George Elementary School during the summer break period.  One-way controlled traffic with delays up to 15 minutes should be anticipated.

Read the June 5, 2017 press release here.

Current Construction Location:

Paving work will begin on Coombsville Road on Tuesday 11/28, and continue Wednesday 11/29, and Thursday 11/30.

Paving work and lane closures will not occur until after 8:30am to avoid impacts to morning school and commute traffic. The road will not be closed, but expect delays and/or take alternate routes where possible. Please see the map below for more details.

coombsville road paving