2023 Collection System Rehabilitation Project

Current Construction Location:  

During the week of January 8, the following work will take place:

Crews will be performing night sewer rehabilitation work on these streets:

• Clinton Street from Main Street to Yajome Street

• C Street from Spencer Street to Jefferson Street

• Jefferson Street between B Street and Eggleston Street

Project Details

To continue to provide reliable sewer service and protect the environment, work must be done to rehabilitate areas of the sewer system that are in poor condition.  

Who will be doing this work?

NapaSan has contracted with Glosage Engineering Inc., Southwest Pipeline & Trenchless Corp., and Easy Flow to perform this sewer rehabilitation work.

What type of work will be done?

The rehabilitation work will fix the lateral, or pipe, that extends from the sewer pipeline in the street to the property line. The diagram below illustrates the public and private sewer lateral locations. In some areas, the sewer lines will be repaired or replaced using cured-in-place pipe lining.  Sewer cleanout installations or replacements will be necessary at some properties, and some sewer work in the street will need to be performed.  You will receive a door hanger the week prior to any work taking place that will notify you of the type of work to be done at your 

Diagram of public and private sewer laterals

What can I expect when this work is being performed?

Sewer cleanout installation or replacement involves digging a hole in the front yard near the property line. Landscaping and hardscaping in the areas where digging take place will be restored to the satisfaction of the property owner. See the photos below that illustrate a newly installed sewer cleanout.

There will be a brief disruption in your sewer service when this work is being performed, which is anticipated to be a single working day for individual properties.  During this time, we ask that you keep water and sewer usage to a minimum.  

Some sewer pipes will be rehabilitated using cured-in-place pipe lining. A glue-like odor caused by styrene may be observed while this work is being done. To minimize odors, pour water down infrequently used drains to maintain a water barrier. Keep windows closed while lining work is taking place to keep odors from entering buildings. If you smell the styrene odor in your home, contact us at one of these numbers:
During work hours, call NapaSan Inspector Josh DeGarmo at (707)312-1613
After work hours, call NapaSan at (707)258-6000 x9.

Cleanout installation before and after photos

When will this work take place?

Construction will begin in April 2023 and continue through October 2023. Work will be completed in phases to minimize the impact on individual neighborhoods. The contractor will provide written notice in the form of a door hanger the week prior to any work in your front yard or disruption of your sewer service.

Where is this work taking place?

The project areas are outlined in red on the maps below.

Summer 2023 Project Map
Project Map Montecito Boulevard Area


For general questions about this project, please contact Michael Fitch at (707)258-6030 or mfitch@napasan.com. You may also sign up to receive weekly project updates via text or email here.

During construction, please call NapaSan Inspector, Josh DeGarmo at (707)312-1613 or the NapaSan office at (707)258-6000.