Art Projects

We're glad you joined us here!  With a few household supplies and a craft kit from NapaSan, you can make a toilet paper roll fox puppet!  The video below shows you step-by-step instructions for making your puppet!  Beneath the video, we posted a few helpful tips to make creating your puppet as easy as possible.  

To get one of our craft kits, you can visit our office or join us at one of the community events listed below to grab your kit!  All you will need is a pen or marker, scissors, and tape.  The kit will contain everything else!

Where to Get a Craft Kit

Farmers Markets- Tuesday 10/18, Saturday 10/22, Tuesday 11/8, and Saturday 11/19

City of Napa/Napa Recycling's Beyond the Bin Event- Saturday 10/15


Tips for making the fox puppet above:

1.  When you make the holes to thread your "arms" and "legs" through, you may have to work to get the hole to be the right size for the twine to go through.  We used a pen to do this, but you can use whatever works best for you!

2. When you attach the fishing line from the popsicle sticks to the top of the body and the feet of the puppet, attach the fishing line to the feet first.  Then, attach the fishing line to the top of the body (tp roll tube).  You will want to make sure your fishing line is the right length so that when it is connected to your popsicle sticks, and to the top of the body, your fox's feet are able to naturally hang to the ground.  You can always trim the fishing line and re-tape it if you need to!

3. You don't need to turn your fox into a puppet!  You can skip adding the feet and the "strings" and just have a cute toilet paper roll fox to play with or use as a decoration!

Make a Poop Emoji Bookmark

Time to get crafty!  Watch the video below to learn how to make a poop emoji bookmark! The only supplies you need are some scissors, paper of any color, and some markers, colored, pencils, crayons, or whatever you have at home.  If you make a poop emoji bookmark and you want to share it, email a photo to or tag us on Facebook @napasanitation!

Produce Sticker Art

We also invite you to make some produce sticker art with us that will help keep those stickers on fruits and veggies out of the sewer system and the compost stream!  Click here to visit our Produce Sticker Art page!