Earth Day 2020

Earth Day Gone Virtual logo.  April 15th to the 30th

Thanks for joining us for NapaSan’s part of Earth Day Gone Virtual!  

We have two great activities for you to do.  The first is a pledge to take action to help your sewer system stay healthy, and the other is a craft we think you will like!  You can do either one or both- it’s up to you!

1. Take the Pledge

NapaSan sees many things get flushed that shouldn’t be flushed, and lately we are seeing more and more things in the sewer system that shouldn’t be there.  In order to protect the sewers, public health, and the environment, we need to make sure all we flush is the 3 P’s- pee, poop, and paper (toilet paper)!  We would love it if you would sign and color our pledge below (either save it and decorate it electronically or print it and grab some crayons, markers, etc.), and then share it with us via email at or by tagging us on Facebook @napasanitation! You don’t have to share, but we would love it if you do! 

Keep Your Toilet Happy By Only Flushing the 3 P’s Pledge

Keep your toilet happy by only flushing the 3 P's- pee, poop, and paper!

2. Make a Poop Emoji Bookmark

Time to get crafty!  Watch the video below to learn how to make a poop emoji bookmark! The only supplies you need are some scissors, paper of any color, and some markers, colored, pencils, crayons, or whatever you have at home.  If you make a poop emoji bookmark and you want to share it, email a photo to or tag us on Facebook @napasanitation!