NapaSan Construction Zones

NapaSan conducts a regular sewer system maintenance program. You may see us on the streets, repairing, replacing or cleaning sewer lines or recycled water pipes. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work to keep our system operating effectively! 

Refer to the information below to find out where our current construction projects are happening. If you have any questions or concerns, please call NapaSan at (707) 258-6000. 

Summer 2018 Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Project Manager: Email Karl Ono, Associate Engineer, 707-258-6013 

NapaSan will be working on sewer rehabilitation projects throughout the city as part of the ongoing effort to replace aging pipelines that allow stormwater and groundwater to infiltrate into the sewer system.  Reducing this infiltration helps to decrease the possibility of sewer overflows and spills.  The areas with high infiltration where work will take place were identified through inspections of pipeline conditions regularly conducted by NapaSan. The project areas where pipes will be rehabilitated or replaced are highlighted on the map below.  
Approximately 600 sewer laterals will be repaired or replaced as part of this project.  This equates to approximately 2.2% of the sewer system, which is roughly 6.1 miles of pipeline.  The construction will take place in phases between April and October of 2018.  Work will vary in duration in each neighborhood, and NapaSan staff will notify residents and property owners in and near the project areas as work progresses. 

The sewer pipelines will be rehabilitated by utilizing a combination of trenchless and open-cut methods. Trenchless methods are utilized whenever possible because they minimize costs, construction time, and traffic disruptions compared to traditional open-cut trenching.  Work will be coordinated with the City of Napa’s paving schedule to minimize impacts to street paving wherever possible.  

Current Construction Location:  During the week of August 13th, lateral lining will take place in the Pear Tree Area. Clean out installations will occur in the Linda Vista Area.

Area Map with Labels