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Recycled water is wastewater effluent that has been further treated and disinfected to provide a non-potable (non-drinking water) water supply. Recycled water is safe and suitable for uses such as landscape irrigation and some industrial processes. Recycled water is widely used and accepted throughout the United States as an environmentally responsible way to conserve scarce and expensive water supplies. It has been successfully used in other communities in California and other parts of the country such as Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, and Colorado. Recycled water is the fastest growing water supply in California.

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Video 1- What is Recycled Water?

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Recycled Water Availability & Pricing

Currently, NapaSan provides recycled water along two main pipelines to the southeast and north of the Soscol Water Recycling Facility. Check the recycled water pipeline map (PDF) to see the areas where recycled water is currently available.

The price of recycled water is adjusted each year in January according to a formula based on the Consumer Price Index.

Recycled Water Rates for 2023

Rate Type
2023 Rate per 1,000 gallons
Standard Rate$2.11
Storage Rate (February-March)$1.11
Large Volume Rate (minimum 150 acre feet per year)$1.77
The recycled water chloride value on 11.8.23 was 181 milligrams per liter
The chloride value for October 3, 2023 was 158 mg/L.
The chloride value for November 8, 2023 was 181 mg/L.

To see past recycled water quality reports, please click on the blue "Reports" button in the menu above the graph.